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NYSC orientation camp requirements

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Are you a prospective corps member preparing to go for the 2021 National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation Program? Do you want to know the 2021 Batch B orientation requirements for NYSC orientation camp ? If ‘yes’, you are on the right page.

Here we will show you all the NYSC orientation camp requirements, and all items that are strictly restricted in camp. See
sample of NYSC Call-up letter for Batch A,B&C .
The worst thing that can happen to any Prospective Corps Member (PCM) is to arrive at the NYSC orientation camp and realize they don’t have complete required documents. Therefore, we urge prospective corps members to read this post in between the lines, as it better to forget themselves at home than to forget any item needed for orientation camp registration.

Sending corps members that have no complete documents home has been part of the NYSC rules, which are strictly followed. It’s better imagined than experienced. So, we wouldn’t want you to experience it. That’s why we put this work together to help you.

To make this concise and handy, we will classify things needed at NYSC Orientation camp into two categories;
Compulsorily needed, and
Essentially needed.

NB: Things listed under compulsory category are documents that with none of them, you may not register in the NYSC camp. And the items listed under essential category are not compulsory but needed for personal comforts.

NYSC camp requirements for registration (Compulsory)

The documents below are Compulsory (If you arrive in the NYSC camp with none of them, you will not be registered by the camp officials)

1. Final year ID card

You need to go with the original and two (2) photocopies. To get a ‘final year ID card’, go to the Directorate of Students’ Affairs in your school, and a request for one. NYSC also accepts School ID Card instead of final year ID card. But will not accept departmental ID card.

2. Statement of result (B.SC or HND)

You need to go with the original and four (4) photocopies of your Degree or HND statement of result. If you have the original certificate itself, better. But if you don’t, just go with the statement of result.
If you do not have your statement of result, do not go to the NYSC camp. For foreign trained graduates, you must present the original certificate itself.

Besides that, persons who graduated from Polytechnic within Nigeria should go with both ND and HND statement of results.
Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Optometrists or other medical profession, should go to camp along with the original of registration certificate with the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board or Optometrist Registration Council and evidence of completion of houseman-ship or internship.

3. NYSC Call-up letter

Never forget your call-up letter! You need to go with the original and four (4) photocopies. NYSC will send this letter to you a few days after online registration.
Please, DO NOT laminate your call-up letter because NYSC will reject a laminated copy.

4. NYSC Green card

Please, do not forget your Green Card. Go with the original and four (4) photocopies. Green Card is the online print-out slip after NYSC online registration. Also, Do NOT laminate it!
Note: the Green Card and call-up letter are to be printed out in colored.

5. Recent passport photograph

Please, go with eight (8) copies. The background color should be white or off-white. Don’t listen to anyone that says you should go with over eight copies.

6. Medical Certificate of Fitness
Go with two (2) copies of a medical certificate of fitness got from any government hospital or military clinic in Nigeria.
7. Uploaded Documents
Foreign trained graduates should go to camp with the original of all documents they uploaded during online registration.

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