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Download pes 2023 and PES 2024 ppsspp cheat codes and files for Android and Pc

by Abimaye

Here you can download PPSSPP emulator cheat codes and file for PES 2021/2022 using cheat.db zip file and Cwcheat Database for PPSSPP Emulator apk 2021. This updated cheat.db and Cwcheat Database is available to download for free on Google Drive and Mediafire.



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Features of pes 2023 and Pes 2024 ppsspp cheat codes:

During a game, on your ppsspp emulator, pause it and enable the following cheats/codes using your PES 2021 and 2022 cheat.db file:

  • No red card
  • No yellow card
  • No injuries
  • No free kick
  • No penalty
  • Zombie Players
  • Anywhere goal
  • Big heads
  • Small heads
  • FAT keepers
  • SECRET TEAMS & European/World All-Stars: Win the International Cup with any team.
  • Classic Players: You unlock an extra 11 classic players each tie you win the Master League
  • shift a post against your opponent for easy Scoring of goals.
  • Unlimited penalty
  • Unlimited goals

How to Download pes 2023/2024 ppsspp cheat codes and files for PSP Emulator iso games

The pes 2021 and pes 2022 ppsspp cheat codes file program used on the PSP / PPSSPP is called “Cwcheat”. It is the first official cheat engine used on the PSP and PPSSPP platforms to activate Pro Evolution Soccer functions like Gameshark or Action Replay during a game. It is also available as an external plugin for PSP consoles.

Download pes 2021/2022 ppsspp cheat codes and files for PPSSPP Emulator Mediafire

Download and install PES 2021 ISO PPSSPP Offline | PS4 / PS5 Camera

Download PES 2022 PPSSPP iso Android Season Update Best Graphics Camera PS5 & Camera NORMAL, (SAVADATA and TeXTURES included)

How to use and apply pes 2023/2024 ppsspp cheat codes and files for Android

To use the PES PPSSPP cheat, you need to install the latest PPSSPP gold application, or PPSSPP emulator, then download the latest version of Cwcheat for PES 2021 and 2022 and import the cheat.db file into your PPSSPP emulator.

  1. You can apply cheats to your Pes PPSSPP game by simply opening the game and exiting it, then PPSSPP will create a folder called “Cheats” and a .ini named the same as the game ID and title.
  2. Copy the “Pes cheat.db” file to this path SdCard> PSP> Cheats. But if the “Cheats” folder does not exist in the “PSP Folder”, create it yourself.
  3. Now play any game and then press the back (menu) button to enter the “PPSSPP menu”. Go to “Game Settings”, click “System”, scroll down to find and mark “Enable Cheats”. Then go back, you will see the “Cheats” option in the PPSSPP menu, if it is not available, just relaunch the game.
  4. Now in the PPSSPP menu, choose the “Cheats” option and click on “Import from cheat.db”.
  5. Return to your game for a few moments to reactivate the cheat codes. After playing, return to the “Cheats” menu once more. You should now see the selection of cheat codes, but if it still doesn’t, just relaunch the game.

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