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Does Primark Accept AMEX? + How to Pay with AMEX

by Abimaye

Primark is a top clothing and fashion brand operating in Europe and North America. The store is quite popular for fashion enthusiasts as they boast of having over 24 million customers across the globe. One of the many questions people who shop at the store ask is does Primark accept AMEX. This article is dedicated to providing a detailed and concise answer to the question and other related information. 

Does Primark accept AMEX

Does Primark Accept AMEX?

Primark accepts AMEX. You can pay for the items you buy from any Primark store using your American Express card. Primark stores around the world have made it possible for customers to pay with the AMEX card. Aside from AMEX, Primark also accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard, VISA, and PayPal. 

Shopping at Primark is very convenient. The store is among a few international retailers that give shoppers a wide range of payment methods. Going forward, I will discuss how you can use AMEX to pay for your orders at Primark. 

How to Use AMEX on Primark?

To use AMEX as a payment method when shopping at Primark, here’s what you should do:

  • Visit the Primark online store via www.primark.com or head to a Primark store near you
  • On the Primark online store, click on the left navigation panel and select the category you want to shop in
  • Browse through the category and select a product
  • On the product page, you will see the product’s price and a “Find a Store” button. Click on the button..
  • You will be taken to the “Find a Store” page. In the search box provided, enter your city and state and the results will reveal Primark stores near you like the image in the screenshot below. 

Primark stores

  • Click on any of the search results and you will see the time remaining before the store closes and directions
  • Once you get to the store, pick up the item you want or any you like and head to the payment point
  • Hand them your AMEX card at the payment point and enter the details requested and you are good to go.

Primark Payment Method

Aside from AMEX, if you are shopping at any Primark store, the following are Primark payment methods you can use:

  1. Primark gift card
  2. VISA
  3. MasterCard
  4. Google Pay
  5. Apple Pay
  6. Maestro
  7. Cash 

Does Primark Accept Klarna?

Primark allows its customers to shop and pay for their orders using Klarna. You can use Klarna and split payments for your order without interest on Primark. Earlier in the year, M.E.N reported that Klarna was going to create a physical buy now, pay later card which would give shoppers more leverage when shopping on Primark, Aldi, Tesco, Home Bargains, M&S, and other UK supermarkets. 

Except the card has not been launched, you can use Klarna as a payment method on Primark. But if the announcement by Klarna is anything to go by, then you can use the financing platform to pay for orders on Primark. 

Does Primark Accept Cash?

Primark accepts cash payments for orders. You can pay for your shopping at any Primark store with cash. However, the store has placed a limit on transactions that can be carried out using cash. This limit was placed as part of COVID-19 safety precautions. 

The maximum limit for cash transactions at Primark stores is £45.8 or its equivalent in other currencies. As lockdown rules ease, there is likely going to be an increase in the limit or total lifting of the limit. If your shopping cost exceeds the cash limit, use the other Primark payment methods. 

Does Primark Accept Blue Light Cards?

No. You cannot use a Blue Light card to pay for orders at Primark stores. Blue Light card is used across the United Kingdom to provide discounts to certain employee groups on retail stores recognized by the company. Sadly, Primark is not among the stores where Blue Light cards can be used. 

Does Primark Accept Apple Pay?

Primark accepts Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay to pay for your orders at any Primark store across the globe. Contactless payment is becoming popular and Primark has adopted this new technology in its payment methods for customers. Now, customers at Primark can make contactless payments for their goods using Apple Pay. 

Aside from Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are among the other contactless payment methods accepted at Primark. If you do not have access to Apple Pay, you can try using Google Pay or Samsung Pay when shopping at Primark. 

Does Primark Accept Euros?

Yes. You can pay for your orders at Primark using euros. Primark accepts cash and shoppers in the United Kingdom can make payments using euros. If you are staying outside of the United Kingdom and you locate a Primark store near you, you can use the currency of that locality to pay at Primark. 

How long do Primark gift cards last?

Primark has customized gift cards for its customers. You can use the gift cards to seamlessly shop on Primark. According to information on the Primark official website, Primark gift cards are valid for two years from the last transaction. This means, Primark gift cards do not have expiration dates but once they have been redeemed, they only last for two years. 

Do you need to activate a Primark gift card?

You do not need to activate a Primark gift card before it is ready for use. Primark gift cards are ready for use the moment you get them and you can use them to pay for your orders with no activation process. It is typical for gift cards to be activated before use but Primark gift cards do not follow that pattern. 


Primark is an excellent fashion retailer and you can use AMEX to pay for orders when you shop at any of the stores around the world. You can also use Google Pay, Apple Pay, cash, MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, and the Primark gift card to pay for things you want to buy at Primark. Have a lovely shopping experience. 

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