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Does B&M Accept Apple Pay (Yes, and This is How)

by Abimaye

B&M Stores has blossomed into a leading variety retailer in the United Kingdom, amassing over three million shoppers weekly. I am guessing you are one of the many shoppers at B&M stores that would like to acquaint themselves with information on payment methods accepted at B&M stores. This article attempts to answer the question, does B&M accept Apple Pay?

According to information on B&M Store’s website, the UK-based retail company accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. If you are shopping on B&M, you can use Apple Pay and a handful of other payment methods to pay for your orders. The company is continually working to ensure its customers can pay for stuff they purchase seamlessly and conveniently. 

Stores and companies globally have varying restrictions on their acceptance of payment methods. Customers often have to endure the pain of looking for other payment alternatives because a store or company does not accept the payment method at their disposal. If you are an Apple user, conversant with making payments using Apple Pay, you would wonder whether B&M accepts Apple Pay. I have the answers you need.

Does B&M Accept Apple Pay?

Does B&M Accept Apple Pay

YES. B&M Stores accept Apple Pay. The UK-based retail company allows its customers to pay for orders using Apple Pay. Other payment methods accepted by B&M Stores include cash, Google Pay, e-Vouchers, the company’s own gift card, and many cards excluding American Express. 

As we advance in this article, I will show you how to pay for stuff at B&M stores using Apple Pay. I will also show you the other payment methods accepted at B&M and how they work. It is important to note that B&M stores are intentional about offering customers the best shopping experience by providing different payment methods.

About B&M Stores 

B&M Stores offers the sale of amazing products from top brands at very affordable prices. The company features a large variety of products including everyday essentials, health and beauty products, electrical and electronics, clothing and footwear, food and drinks, baby products, flowers, and much more. The store is reckoned for its high-quality array of products which are budget-friendly.

What started in Blackpool, Lancashire in 1978 has grown into over 700 stores, employing over 35,000 workers in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. With the amazing deals and offers at B&M Stores, it is no surprise why they get millions of shoppers trooping in and out of the stores weekly.

If you are an Apple user and would like to use Apple Pay to purchase stuff from B&M, let me quickly highlight how to pay on B&M with Apple Pay.

How to Pay at B&M Stores with Apple Pay 

Apple Pay offers payment convenience for Apple users when making purchases online. Although many stores have refused to adopt the use of Apple Pay as a payment model, B&M has since adopted its use. To use Apple Pay at B&M Stores, follow the steps below:

  • After you are done selecting the items you want to purchase, go to the Apple Pay contactless area in any B&M store you find.
  • Open your Apple device
  • Your device must have been connected to the Apple Pay platform to facilitate payment
  • If prompted, verify your identity using your Face ID or enter the passcode of your Apple Wallet to open it
  • You may want to use a different card from your Apple Pay’s default card. To do this, tap your default card and you will see other cards. Tap a new card and authenticate to continue.
  • After authenticating, hold the top of your iPhone near the contactless reader area in the B&M Store until you see an on-screen prompt saying ‘Done’ and a checkmark appearing on the display

Aside from Apple Pay, there are other payment methods that are available to customers shopping at B&M. The next section in this article that seeks to answer the question: does B&M accept Apple Pay will focus on other payment options you can use to fulfill orders at the store.

What Other Payment Methods Does B&M Accept?

If you are not an Apple Pay user or would like to consider other payment methods available at B&M, the following are options you can consider:

  1. Cash
  2. Credit/debit card
  3. B&M gift card
  4. Google Pay
  5. B&M e-Voucher


Paying cash remains the conventional and most popular payment method. After you’re done shopping at any B&M Store, you can pay for the items you bought with paper money over the counter. No fuss, no stress. Cash in hand, goods in a trolley.

Credit/Debit Card 

B&M accepts debit and credit cards. The store accepts Visa, MasterCard, and any other credit or debit card. Sadly, B&M does not accept cards from American Express. You can use whatever card you have to pay for orders at B&M except for American Express.

B&M Gift Cards

Gift cards, since their inception, have been a cool way to buy stuff online and in retail stores. Several stores and companies offer the sale of preloaded gift cards to help their customers easily pay for their orders. B&M is among companies that sell gift cards that can ‌buy from any of their stores in the United Kingdom.

Google Pay

Does B&M Accept Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to power in-app, online, and in-person contactless purchases on mobile devices. As of 2018, Google Pay supports all major credit cards from over 30 countries. If you have a Google Wallet, you can pay for stuff at B&M with Google Pay.

How to Pay with Google Pay at B&M 

To pay for your goods at B&M Stores, follow the steps below:

  1. Unlock your Android phone
  2. Hold your phone close to the payment reader at the store’s contactless payment area
  3. When the payment is successful, you will see a blue checkmark appear on your phone’s screen
  4. You will have to try again. If a screen prompt comes up, follow it.

B&M E-Voucher 

The store provides vouchers to help customers pay for orders they make. It is one of the easiest means to pay for things at B&M. You can buy the B&M e-Vouchers from VoucherList or the B&M website.

Does B&M Accept AMEX?

B&M does not accept AMEX. If you want to pay for items you order from B&M, you cannot use AMEX. B&M accepts payment from major debit and credit card companies except for American Express. Instead of using AMEX to pay for orders on B&M, the store allows customers to use other credit card and debit card companies including Visa and MasterCard. 

I understand that there are people who do not have access to other payment gateways. Some of you would like to use payment methods such as AMEX, Affirm, Android Pay, Chase Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and so on. But for B&M stores, the only payment methods accepted are the ones listed above.

Does B&M Accept MasterCard?

B&M accepts MasterCard as a payment method. MasterCard is accepted at all B&M stores, both online and in-store. You can use your MasterCard to pay for any purchase made at B&M, no matter what product you choose. 

MasterCard is a popular payment card and if you cannot make use of Apple Pay, at least, you would have a MasterCard. You can use that to pay for all your orders across B&M stores both online and offline.

Does B&M Accept PayPal?

B&M does not accept PayPal. If you are attempting to use a PayPal account to purchase from B&M, you will be unable to complete your order. Even though PayPal is an online payment service that allows people to send and receive money through their personal accounts or business accounts, you cannot use it to pay for your orders at B&M physical stores and online platforms. 

Does B&M Accept One for All Vouchers?

B&M does not accept One for All Vouchers. Even though One for All Vouchers and gift cards are prevalent among stores in the United Kingdom, B&M stores do not accept them. One for All Vouchers are used by over 55,000 retailers in the United Kingdom but B&M is not on the list of stores and brands that support the use of One for All Vouchers. 

FAQs on Does B&M Accept Apple Pay

I have compiled some questions and answers that would offer more insight on the question: does B&M accept Apple Pay?

Does B&M Deliver?

Although it is not often advertised, B&M Stores offer customers home deliveries. They allow customers to order things from the store and have them delivered to any location of their choice.

Can I Use Apple Pay in B&M?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay in B&M stores across the United Kingdom. Apple Pay is one of the payment methods accepted at B&M. Together with accepting Apple Pay, B&M also allows customers to pay for stuff using gift cards, e-vouchers, credit/debit cards, etc.

Does B&M Accept One for All Vouchers?

One for all gift cards is prevalent among stores in the United Kingdom. B&M stores do not accept one for all vouchers. The gift card company serves over 55000 retailers but B&M Stores have not been listed as a store that accepts one for all gift cards.

Where is Apple Pay Accepted in the United Kingdom?

There are a handful of places where Apple Pay is accepted as a payment method in the United Kingdom. Some ‌places include:

  • Boots UK
  • Co-op
  • B&M
  • BP
  • Costa Coffee
  • Dune
  • JD Sports
  • KFC UK & Ireland
  • Liberty
  • LIDL
  • Marks & Spencer (M&S)
  • McDonald’s UK
  • Nando’s
  • New Look
  • Post Office
  • Pret A Manger
  • SPAR
  • Starbucks

Can You Pay with PayPal in B&M?

PayPal is not listed as a payment method at B&M. It is possible that the store will introduce PayPal as a payment method in the future but for now, B&M stores only accept credit/debit card payments, cash, e-vouchers, and B&M gift cards.

Final Thoughts on Does B&M Accept Apple Pay

As you have read, B&M accepts Apple Pay. The store continues to provide means for customers to make purchases conveniently. Together with Apple Pay, B&M stores allow the use of cash, gift cards, e-vouchers, and gift cards.

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