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Does B&M Accept AMEX? [UPDATED 2023]

by Abimaye

B&M store is a leading store in the United Kingdom. The store gets up to three million shoppers weekly across its various branches and on its online platform. One of the major concerns of these shoppers is often about the b&m payment methods. There is so much unclarity about the payment methods accepted at B&M stores. Recently, someone asked me whether B&M stores accept AMEX and I thought it was wise to write this article to explain to other people who may want to ask – does B&M accept AMEX?

There are not a lot of options available to shoppers on B&M stores across the United Kingdom. Unlike most stores around the world, B&M only allows shoppers to pay for orders in barely four different ways. If you are among the three million persons that shop at B&M every week, this article will concisely answer your worries about B&M accepting AMEX.

Does B&M accept AMEX


Does B&M Accept AMEX? 

B&M does not accept American Express (AMEX) except you are using it to pay online. Shoppers cannot use AMEX to pay for orders in-store despite B&M’s acceptance of credit and debit cards. The available payment methods at B&M include the B&M e-voucher and gift cards, cash, credit/debit cards from MasterCard, VISA, and Discover, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 

B&M Stores sells a variety of products from top brands, all at affordable prices. The company offers everyday essentials, health and beauty items, electronics, clothing and footwear, food and drinks, baby items, flowers, and more. Customers love the store’s quality items which are sold at affordable prices. I am not going to talk about B&M as a store but the B&M payment methods which are available to shoppers.

B&M Payment Methods 

If you are shopping at B&M stores, you already know that the store does not accept American Express (AMEX). The B&M payment methods which are open to shoppers include:

  1. B&M e-Voucher
  2. B&M gift cards
  3. Cash
  4. Credit/Debit cards
  5. Google Pay
  6. Apple Pay

For people who have AMEX and would like to shop on B&M, they can choose from any of the options aforementioned. In my article on Does B&M Accept Apple Pay, I detailed how each payment works and how you can use them when shopping on B&M.

Why Does B&M Not Accept American Express (AMEX)?

There is no official explanation as to why B&M Stores accept other credit and debit cards and not American Express (AMEX). Since they are a UK store and do not accept AMEX, it is safe to say that the store only refuses to accept AMEX because it is an American company. Certain credit card companies are not allowed as payment methods in locations different from where they are headquartered. 

Instead of trying to decipher why B&M does not accept AMEX, it is best to just go with the other accepted payment methods and complete your shopping. Before I wrap up this article, I would like to go over some quick questions that are often asked like the one under review.

FAQs on Does B&M Accept AMEX

These questions are some of the frequently asked questions about B&M stores and AMEX as a payment method.

Does Asda Accept AMEX?

Asda accepts Amex. The store also accepts cash, debit cards, and other credit card companies such as MasterCard, Delta, Visa, Solo, Maestro, etc. If you want to shop on Asda, you can use AMEX.

Does M&S Accept AMEX?

Marks & Spencer accepts AMEX as a payment method. Recently, the store began to allow shoppers to pay for items bought in their store using American Express. Other payment methods accepted by M&S include Visa, MasterCard, and other debit card companies.

Does Primark accept AMEX?

Primark accepts AMEX as a payment method. The fashion retail store in Dublin, Ireland also accepts VISA, Mastercard, Maestro cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. As a shopper on Primark, you have a variety of options as the store accepts all the popular payment methods that are available today.

Can I use AMEX at Aldi?

Aldi accepts American Express as a payment method. People shopping at any of the over 10,000 German multinational family-owned discount supermarket chains can use American Express (AMEX) and a couple of other credit and debit cards.

Does Lidl take AMEX?

In 2019, Lidl announced that it would be accepting American Express (AMEX). From then on, Lidl shoppers have been able to use AMEX as a payment method. The store also accepts other credit and debit cards as payment methods.

Does Greggs accept AMEX?

Greggs does not accept AMEX as a payment method. The British bakery has not added AMEX as a payment method and it is not looking likely that they would add it. On Greggs, you can for orders using Online Bill Payments, Interac e-Transfers, and EFT/ACH Payments & Wire Transfers.

Does B&M Accept Blue Light Card?

NO. B&M does not accept Blue Light Card. The store has categorically stated that it does not recognize Blue Light card and cannot adopt it on its platform.

Does B&M Accept Klarna?

B&M does not accept Klarna. Although Klarna as a payment method is widely accepted around the world, it is not something for people shopping on B&M. The store has made it clear that it does not see Klarna as a payment method and shoppers can only use Apple Pay, Google Pay, its designated payment cards, and other credit cards.

Does B&M accept Google Pay?

Yes. Google Pay is a payment method accepted at B&M stores. Once you have your Google Pay wallet set up, you can pay for your purchases on B&M with the platform. Once you notice the Google Pay or contactless payment icon, it shows you can use your Google Pay to fulfill an order.

Does B&M accept ClearPay?

Yes, B&M accepts ClearPay. You can use ClearPay as a payment method when you are shopping at any B&M store. ClearPay is often integrated for use across various stores in the United Kingdom. It allows shoppers to buy and pay later and B&M is among the list of stores that accept ClearPay.

Does B&M accept Love to Shop Vouchers?

NO. B&M does not accept Love to Shop vouchers. The voucher brand is a popular one in the United Kingdom as it can be used to buy things in major stores in the UK. However, B&M is not in the category of stores that allow shoppers to use Love to Shop vouchers.

Final Thoughts on Does B&M Accept AMEX?

B&M does not accept American Express (AMEX). You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, B&M gift cards, B&M e-vouchers, and other credit card companies to pay for your orders in the store. Cash is readily accepted if you are shopping in a physical store.

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