Top 7 African Countries With The Highest Number Of Universities

Here are the Top 7 African countries with the highest number of universities.

1. Nigeria

Nigeria, according to statistics, has the highest number of universities in Africa. The West African country boasts of about 262 public and private Universities spread across the thirty-six States and the federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Nigeria also has about 5 of her universities in the Top 50 Best African Universities.

2. Tunisia

Tunisia, which is the northernmost country in Africa, has the second highest number of universities. The northern Africa country has about 204 Universities. Tunisia currently has five of its varsities on the list of top 50 Best Universities in Africa.

3. Morocco   

Morocco, also a Northern African country tops the list with the third highest number of universities. Morocco has about 153 Universities situated across the country while having six of them in the top 50 best African universities.

4. Kenya

The Republic of Kenya, is the first East African country to make the list of Top 8 countries with the highest number of universities in Africa. According to findings, Kenya has about 129 universities, one of which is ranked among the Top 10 Best universities in Africa.

5. South Africa   

South Africa is another country in Africa that has the highest number of universities. South Africa has 123 Universities, making it the 5th country with a huge number of universities. Three of South Africa’s universities are in the top 300 of the worldwide rankings. Three of its Universities as well, occupies the first three positions as best universities in the whole of Africa.

6. Algeria   

Algeria makes it the third North African country and sixth African country with the highest number of universities. Algeria has 104 Universities. It also has about 11 Universities which sits among THE Top 50 Best African Universities.

7. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is another East African country with the highest number of Universities. Ethiopia has 73 Universities, of which one of its, known as Addis Ababa University, is ranked as sixth best University in Africa currently

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