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Sample of NYSC leave application letter

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Building on the NYSC guidelines we have been bringing to you our Joinedhit. we have also considered it important to bring you a sample of NYSC leave application letter.

As we all know that the 2021 NYSC batch B stream I will be leaving camp this week and alot of fresh corp members will be left with alot of questions on how to go about the one year compulsory national service

Before we proceed please take note of the following;

1. Do not travel after submitting the leave application letter to NYSC. You are to wait until your request is granted.

2. Beforeore you submit the leave application letter to the NYSC, ensure you have completed documentation at your PPA.

3. You are to submit the leave application letter to the NYSC state coordinator in the state of deployment, through your Local Government Inspector (LGI) or Zonal Inspector (ZI) as the case maybe.

4. Do not spend more than the period granted for you on the NYSC leave application letter.

Kindly use this permission format to REQUEST for your two(2) weeks NYSC leave when you get to your PPA local government area.

(Your PPA address)

The State coordinator,
NYSC (Your State of deployment)

the Zonal Inspector

the Local Government Inspector

(Your PPA head),

Dear Sir,


I, ___ with state code No ___
wish to seek your permission to travel for two weeks, from ____ to ___ to enable me bring my properties over from home and settle down for work at my Place of Primary Assignment.

Thanks for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,
State code
Phone number

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