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Detailed Guide on How to Easily Gain Admission Into Nigerian University

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How to Easily Gain Admission Into Nigerian University

Gaining admission into Nigeria university is becoming more difficult by the year, and this has serious consequences for those who are still looking for admission, as they are met with an increasing number of both new and old competitors each year.

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Now, the question is, is there an easy way to get into a Nigerian university?

To be honest, there are no easy ways to gain admission in Nigeria. Yes! As frustrating as that may sound, we cannot deny the obvious truth: admission to Nigeria is difficult. Every year, thousands, if not millions, of candidates apply for JAMB, and the number continues to grow, even though admission spaces are limited.

The Surest Way to be Admitted into Nigeria University

The only thing you can do is make the process easier by adhering to some rules that, if followed and believed in, may help you gain admission to the tertiary institution of your choice. That is what this article is all about – providing those rules for you to follow and assisting you in your journey to admission success.

Guidelines for Getting an Easy Admission into a Nigerian University

According to one school of thought, “it doesn’t matter what you study; just get a good grade and jobs will find you.” The other believes that only ‘professional courses’ are worthwhile to pursue. If you want to know what I think about it, I’ll go with the first school of thought. To support my choice of the first school of thought, consider this: how many professionals from these professional courses are graduated each year?

Guidelines for a Simple Admission in Nigeria

1. Only apply to less competitive courses.
2. Only apply to tertiary institutions that are less competitive (not too many applicants).
3. Avoid applying for professional courses; however, if you must apply for a professional course, choose a less competitive tertiary institution that offers this professional course.

Here are the Admission Requirements for Nigerian Universities.

Most Nigerian universities have the following requirements. The following qualifications must be met by the candidate:

A minimum of 5 Ordinary Level Credits in the Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (SSCE/GCE) in a maximum of two sittings.
A minimum of 200 on a scale of 400 in the Joint Tertiary Matriculation Examination (JTME).
A Merit Pass in the National Certificate of Education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), and other Advanced Level Certificates are required. Candidates must select two universities, two polytechnics, and two colleges of education of their choice, as well as their first and second choice courses. This new admissions procedure applies to both public and private higher education institutions.


To be honest with you, gaining admission into Nigerian institutions is not easy, however, it takes seriousness, hard work, and a deliberate act Of nonstop study.

The above-mentioned list was researched and experienced so you can be able to pass through the stage of gaining admission into any of your choice Nigerian institutions. Nonetheless, keep following us as we give you updates on the institutions that accept low cut-off marks for your preferred course.

I hope this article was helpful, kindly share this with friends and family and whosoever that needs this.

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